Special hydraulic rotators

The special hydraulic rotators BINI HCS are designed and manufactured according to the needs of our customers. This page shows some examples. These special hydraulic rotators can be made with different rotary systems: vane, piston, with external hydraulic motor, etc.
This is to obtain different axial capacity and torque values suitable to the type of application.

T.8 360°


The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS T.8 360° has been designed for forest and railway applications and for machines used in the demolition sector. It is a very robust rotator, with an external hydraulic orbital motor, available in various displacements. Inside the rotator, the output shaft from the hydraulic motor is integral with a pinion which meshes in turn with a ring gear of large diameter. This system allows to obtain high torque values. As an option it is possible to fit a valve for regulating the hydraulic rotator speed.

By contacting our technical office it is possible to have data sheet and more information on this special hydraulic rotator.

T.8 F 360°


The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS T.8 F 360° has been designed for use on demolition machines, on railroad loaders and forestry machinery. The output flange, integral with the shaft of the hydraulic rotator, allows to have a compact solution. Externally there is an hydraulic orbital motor, available in various displacements, according to the torque required for the type of final application. It is possible to equip the hydraulic rotator with a control valve for setting the speed of rotation of the hydraulic rotator depending on the type of application.

It is possible to obtain diagrams, torque, load, operating pressures and weight values contacting our technical department.

T. 13 F


The BINI HCS T.13 F 360° hydraulic rotator has been designed for extreme applications, where great axial loads and torques are required. This special hydraulic rotator is widely used in the forest field, but can also be used on railroad loaders and in the demolition sector.
The allowed axial load can reach up to 130 kN (13000 kg).
The rotator is also equipped with an external hydraulic motor where it is possible to adjust the rotation speed.
Contact our technical department it is possible to obtain diagrams and further technical information.