About us


With over fifty years experience in the hydraulic field, after studies, tests and comparisons with the needs of the Italian and international market, Bini HCS proposes itself from over thirty years as a partner for the supply of hydraulic rotators for manufacturers and users of excavators, loaders, cranes, hydraulic clamps and grabs.

Our wide range of hydraulic rotators is ideal for addressing different application cases, both as axial load and as twisting torque.

Each component is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in our factory in Marzabotto. All work carried out on the internal components of our rotators have a very high quality standard. This is thanks to our latest generation CN and CNC machines and constant dimensional and visual inspections on the components manufactured.

The materials used are absolutely certificated, concerning both their composition and treatments.

All of these factors allow the creation of durable and reliable hydraulic rotators of the highest quality.

Bini HCS provides a valuable service through technical support in choosing the most suitable and economical hydraulic rotator and can also offer a wide range of accessories (clamps, links, plates, pins) entirely in stock.