The BINI HCS links allow connecting the machine boom to the hydraulic rotator.

These components are manufactured through casting of ductile iron EN-GJS500-7 (according to UNI EN 1563) and currently they are available as an option only for some hydraulic rotators.

The upper part of our links are fitted with two bushes made of steel with high surface hardness that are available with different internal diameter, depending on the need and the type of crane used.

Link T.2,5 – T.3

The link T.2,5 – T.3 can be used on the hydraulic rotators T.2,5, T.2,5 F, T.3 S, T.3 SF 360°. This accessory is made of ductile cast iron EN-GJS-500-7 (according to UNI EN 1563) and is supplied together with the …

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Link T.4,5

The T.4,5 link can be used on hydraulic rotators T.4,5 S and T.4,5 SF. It is ideal for attaching to the crane boom through the upper attachment hole that can be provided in the following diameters: 30 mm (code CAV-BIN02/30), …

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