Our range of products is aimed at manufacturers and users of loaders, cranes, excavators, hydraulic clamps and grabs. Our range includes several models of rotators that change depending on the load and there are also several accessories (log grapples, links, pins and plates) that may be provided together with our hydraulic rotator.

All production phases of the hydraulic rotator are monitored by qualified personnel and each rotator produced is tested under certain loading conditions. The quality of all these products is very high, 100% guaranteed Made in Italy.

Hydraulic rotators for log grapples

The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS for log grapples can be used on excavators, cranes and loaders for the continuous rotation of agricultural-forestry… [ + ]

Hydraulic rotators for positioning construction material

The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS for building material positioners can be used in mobile machinery in which it is not necessary to have… [ + ]

Hydraulic rotators for ferrous materials handling grabs

The BINI HCS hydraulic rotators for ferrous material grabs can be used on cranes and loaders for rotating bucket grapples, wreckers, hydraulic… [ + ]

Special hydraulic rotators

The special hydraulic rotators BINI HCS are designed and manufactured according to the needs of our customers. This page shows… [ + ]


The BINI HCS links allow connecting the machine boom to the hydraulic rotator. These components are manufactured through casting… [ + ]

Log grapples

The BINI HCS log grapples are made of ultra high strength steel. 4 models are available, depending on the required opening and axial load… [ + ]

Other accessories

This section lists the accessories useful for connection of the hydraulic rotators to the log grapples. These accessory include the pins… [ + ]