Hydraulic rotators for positioning construction material

The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS for building material positioners can be used in mobile machinery in which it is not necessary to have a continuous rotation of the hydraulic rotator, and in which the weight to be lifted is reduced.

Rotators in this range are semi-rotary (300° with internal fastener) and are made with the finest materials: ductile iron EN-GJS-500-7 (according to UNI EN 1563) for the head and tempered steel C45 (according to UNI EN 10083) for the output shaft.

T.1 300°

The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS T.1 300° is designed to achieve a torque of 510 Nm at 180 bar (18 MPa) and to support an axial load of 10 kN (1000 kg). Being a semi-rotary motor, the output shaft can …

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