T.6 S 360°

The hydraulic rotator for log grapples BINI HCS T.6 S 360° is designed to achieve a torque of 1590 Nm at a pressure of 200 bar (20 MPa) and to support an axial load of 60 kN (6000 kg). The rotation is bidirectional continuous and unlimited.

This hydraulic rotator is equipped with an output shaft where there is a transverse hole of 35 mm diameter. The connection to the log grapple is made by inserting a pin into this hole or directly through a Rotator-Clamp plate.

On the other side, on the head, there is a 35 mm diameter hole for mounting the rotator on the machine boom.

This hydraulic rotator can be supplied with the log grapple with 1500 mm opening and 35 mm diameter pins.

The hydraulic rotator BINI HCS T.6 S 360° is ideal for installation on truck cranes, loaders and hydraulic excavators between 55 and 65 quintals.


Pin Log grapple